Ring Out Shampoo

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Ring Out Shampoo safely Kills Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses & Spores on Contact.

Ring Out Shampoo is formulated and used to help kill and prevent the spread of unsightly and contagious ringworm while cleaning your animals. Also use to kill and prevent the spread of various other fungi associated with skin or hide conditions like wool fungus (or rot), rain rot, hot spots and other skin disorders. Clean away and reduce topical pathogens that can cause or impede the healing process.

Ring Out Shampoo may be used on animals and hands that need cleaning after contacting potentially infectious, odorous or pathogen contaminated materials.

Ring Out Shampoo is safe & Friendly for Humans & all livestock

General directions for Ringworm & Fungus Control:
Thoroughly wet animal's coat using warm water. Apply Ring Out Shampoo generously along the back of the animal and work into a lather. Cover the entire animal working the lather down the sides (adding more shampoo as needed) and eventually to the feet. Scrub diligently to develop a generous lather and work into the folds of the skin to remove pathogens. Infected animals should be gently cleaned with Ring Out Shampoo & Soap as well. Rinse with water and repeat if desired.

For extra cleaning and control spray the rinsed animal with Ring Out Spray and allow to air dry. Use Ring Out Spray on all infected areas. Gently scrape away crust and massage into and around the affected area.

Quarantine potentially infected animals, washing daily for 3-4 days until symptoms or threat have passed. If symptoms persist seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Also use to wash your hands, arms, shoes, equipment, trailers, stalls, bedding areas, tools, etc.

Shake before each use

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