White Cable Phantom Halter Cattle

White Cable Phantom Halter Cattle

  • $27.44

Phantom Cable Halter is the ultimate cable halter. Whether its in the barn or show ring the Phantom halter will help young showmen control their animal. The Phantom halter was developed with both the showman and calf in mind.


This halter is smooth to eliminate the fraying caused by other cable halters. The Phantom halter is much better for your animal as it will not aggravate or bother in any way.


Phantom Halter is made of 1/8" vinyl coated galvanized cable with all black plastic covered clamps. This style is to be used on milder attitude animals. Use this style both at home and in the show ring. With this all white style there is no need to place a show halter over top of this halter, just attach your choice of lead and hit the ring. For cattle there are 3 sizes to choose from, no tools required. We also have a sheep/goat halter available.


You can use our cable halters as part of your daily routine and in the show ring. Not intended as a breaking halter, use on animals that are broke to tie. For best results when using on a new/broke animal, tie animal daily using halter and lead rope, with head high. You will notice respect within a few days. When using in the show ring simply attach a leather/ nylon lead to the end of the Phantom halter.

**Note: We only recommend using halter as described above. We do not recommend using this halter to break animals to tie. The cable is not harmful to the animal in any way, if used as suggested.

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