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Show Safe Fungicide Preventative OR Spot Treatment

  • $15.00

Preventative fungicide is designed and formulated to kill bacteria, fungus, ringworm and other unwanted pathogens.  Also restores oils after shearing, clipping, and being in the show ring.  

Directions for use: Mix 1/2 bottle into 32 oz spray bottle and mist animals once daily for 3-5 days after shearing, clipping, or coming home from a show. (4 oz Concentrate bottle makes 64 oz of preventative treatment).

Spot Treatment - Designed to kill any type of ringworm or fungus, stop the spread of affected areas, and promote hair and wool growth with amazingly quick results. (4 oz Ready to use pump top bottle).

Directions for use: Spray 1-2 pumps on affected areas and massage into skin.  Use once daily for 3-5 days or until clear.

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