Blade Sharpening

We offer a sharpening service for livestock type clipper and shearing blades, both small and large styles.  Service is available by mailing blades to us, as well as at the shows we attend with our mobile show supply trailer.  For mail orders, typical turnaround is 24-48 hours, plus shipping transit time.

Pricing is as follows:

All blade styles, set of comb and cutter - $8.00 per set.

Individual blade (any size) either combs or cutters - $4.00 each.

*If blades are extremely dirty, a surcharge of $1.00 per set will be added for cleaning.  Blades that are not able to be sharpened due to excessive wear, will be returned un-sharpened at no charge.  Shipping charges will apply to all blades that are shipped.


Mail Blades to:

Ludlow Livestock Supply, 2722 W 7300 S, Spanish Fork, UT, 84660

Please include your name, phone number, and email address inside the box.